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Can't find the scribe I just made, saved and still waiting to post?

Can't find the scribe I just made, saved and still waiting to post?

Joseph, there are multiple places you can save a scribe file. Do you remember which option of the save screen you used as this will help us help you track it down.

Thank you for responding so quickly first of all I really really really appreciate it. That's an excellent question I know it's one of two locations one would be generating a Quicktime file the other would be to post it on the sparkol website - which is what I usually do... I'm 90% confident I posted it on the sparkol site.

Ah OK, so you are talking about publishing a scribe rather than saving. With that you get the following options.

If you shared online you can visit and log-in with your account details and your video should be there. If it isn't you would have been given a shortcode when you published and if you can send that to us we can track it down.

If you hit the disc/usb icon to publish locally as a quicktime file then you could have chosen to save it anywhere on your PC. However VideoScribe holds the last used location as a default so if you go through to the next screen the location last used will be listed there. You could also try searching all drives on your folder for 'scribename'.mov

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