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zoom in on picture

how do i stop from zooming in on each picture?

ex. i added a image of money, how do stop from zooming in on it?

When you add an element, if you like the current camera position, click the "set camera icon" to save the current camera position for that element. (The element must be selected when you click "set camera".)

if you move the camera or zoom in or out, click the "set camera" icon again to save the new position. (The element must be selected)

You may also want to visit the instant answers page for tutorial videos.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


But is not possible in Iphone. Please add this option for the next version.


Sebastian, the VideoScribe Anywhere app does work a lot differently to the desktop version. We have made it a lot simpler and therefore removed a lot of functionality. Our Compare VideoScribe licence features page covers what's included and what isn't

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