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Can only add voice over to one scribe at a time

When I add voice to a scribe, I can't do a second scribe without shutting down VideoScribe and reopening.

When I open up another scribe, after saving one with voice, then add voice, it just sits on processing...and won't complete.  Its not that it takes longer on the second scribe, it just stays on processing...I've waited a hour before to see if it would save.  Never did.

It did this on my previous computer.  I've recently bought a new computer with SSD drive.  Its fast and has lots of memory.  So, I don't understand why I have to go through shutting down before I can add voice to another scribe.

Michael, sorry you're having problems!

It could be a RAM issue as VideoScribe is limited in the RAM it can use even if your computer has an endless supply. It utilises Adobe Air and that limits the memory the application can use to around 1.5Gb so if after adding a long piece of audio it's holding that in memory it may prevent further processing until RAM has been cleared down. But without seeing the levels the application is hitting on your machine on the time it would be hard to tell. 

If you can record a few seconds of audio for a short test scribe and then try a second short scribe straight after that would be a good test.

Alternatively monitor the RAM usage while recording the longer audio file and then see where that peaks and also what it reduces too when you save and exit that scribe. 

I have made some assumptions above that you are recording a voice over directly into VideoScribe, if this is not the case and you are importing then you could attach the audio and scribe here and we can then take a closer look and try and recreate the issue.

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