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Improving rendering speed

I have an application that shows my cpu usages. 

Currently I have an AMD FX-8350 with 8 cores and 4.13Mhz. I have 8gb of ram, and and SSD. 

I am trying to render a 4 minute video with audio and it is taking around 50 minutes, but the CPU usage isn't going above 20%. Is there any way you can direct rendering to use more of the processor, like a setting or something? I wouldn't mind using 90% of my processor at a time to speed it up to 5 minutes rendering. Also, according to my GPU temps, maybe you could even add a feature to allow GPU rendering? I don't know much about the technical side of rendering stuff, but all I'm saying is that it takes a ridiculous amount of time to render a 4 minute video. 

Rendering an AVI at 30fps. Rendering a MOV took about 30 minutes. 

I love your service and software, and thanks for this amazing product!

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Theodore, as this is an improvement idea I have moved it from the questions sections to the ideas area. That way if people are like minded they can vote on this. 

In terms of the render time we did put the ability to Share your video online in at v2.3.0 and the idea behind this is that it would upload the scribe to our servers and we would then do the rendering. Meaning you can get on with the next project or something else while we do the work. Can download the finished product from the website as a full HD mp4 as well.

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