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I cant save my scribe


For some reason I cant save my scribe anymore. My scribe is attached, I will appreciate if you could check why the file is locked.



Luis, This issue is normally caused by a corrupted link to the music or voiceover file that is being used on the scribe. If you remove all audio from the scribe it should then save. Once saved you can then re-add the audio back into the scribe to create new links.

i, i have the same problem...but also without music i cant save...please, can you halp me?

Sometimes, failure to render (or other problems like freezing) can be the result of excessive image file sizes, excessive camera settings or other factors that cause videoscribe to run out of memory. Videoscribe uses a maximum of about 1.5 to 1.7 GB of RAM.

If you want to solve the problem yourself these links might help:
community tips: TIPS to Avoid or Fix Videoscribe freezes, crashes, slowdowns, failure to export, or erratic behaviours.
Instant Answer: crashing-and-freezing-videoscribe-desktop

-Mike (videoscribe user)


It works for me. thanks. just delete the music file and i can save again. its strange.

 Please help me. All the work I did this morning is not showing up and I can not save. I tried deleting the music.

Having any luck, Marjorie? I've just come to a point where my scribe no longer saves. VideoScribe hangs (not responding) and that's it. The scribe is as simple as I can make it and doesn't use any other images than the ones provided as clipart. I really don't know what to do now.

I added two text objects (using the comics sans ms font) and a white rectangle (that I overlay the two text objects to erase them after animation). It went crazy after that. By the way: I created the three objects using copy-paste.

Mike, how do I check the VideoScribe memory usage?

Will it help it I remove inactive projects from the base folder?

Hi Marjorie, I didn't notice any problems that should prevent saving...

Most of your camera settings look good and your images seem to all be videoscribe images which would not cause issues

1) Maybe Videoscribe couldn't use something that you added after you saved the attached scribe file. I'm assuming based on your description that more elements were added before it failed to save again. You didn't specify if it was a few images or many many images...

2) The final zoom out on the current version is 14% which is a bit low. If you added more images causing that percent to drop down below 10%, that could, (I think...) cause a variety of problems. You could scale some (or all) of your larger images smaller and group all of them into more of a rectangular grouping similar to the proportions of the visible videoscribe canvas to minimize that final zoom out percentage

3) If you have a bunch of fonts imported into videoscribe, they will take up memory that you might need for your project. I believe that Videoscribe can only use up to about 1.7 GB or RAM because of a limitation of Adobe AIR.

4) Possible scenario: I think I have made changes to a project and then tried to save online without saving locally first and videoscribe would not let me.  I don't know if that was a bug or if it always does that. Save locally first if you haven't already. Then save a copy online.

Without knowing what additional elements you added that resulted in the problem, I can't offer more specific advice.

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Erik,

That's probably going to be different for various operating systems and version numbers. If you google search:
SHOW MEMORY USAGE along with the name of your specific operating system and version number
you can probably find the instructions you need.

I don't think that it would help to remove inactive projects from the base folder, but you could export them all as scribes and/or save them to the cloud folder if you wish to delete them from the base folder.

Some things that help are listed here: TIPS to avoid crashes, freezes, failure to render or erratic behavior (2015)
Thats a newer version of the link mentioned previously in this thread.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks, Mike!

I'm using Windows computers (both 7 and 10) and I checked using task manager. I felt a bit silly doing so, realizing how easy it was to see the memory usage. Anyway: In passive state, i.e. browsing the base folder, it's at something like 300 Mbyte (or less - don't remember the figure. A bit high but nothing alarming. When opening my scribe it quickly raises to slightly below 1.7 Gbyte. Once I edit something the memory usage rises and when it hits 1.8 it just stops working. But I found something: If I save when it approaches that magic crash limit, it frees some memory for me and I can continue working a bit.

Highly inefficient, of course, but at least I can make some progress.

Is the newest version any better? I'm currently on 2.3.5-12

I'm not using the newer version but I think they are all restricted by the (approximately 1.7/1.8 GB) memory limit of Adobe AIR.

In general, you can avoid memory problems by following the tips in the link I provided above.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Guys! 

If you are having issues with specific scribes it's always best to log a support ticket via, save the problem scribe to the online cloud folder and let us know what it's called. We can then take a look and give you some advice.

All of what Mike has said here is sound advice though and if that doesn't solve your issue please raise a support ticket and one of the team can take a closer look for you


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