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Dear all,

If you have extended-Latin and Greek on your list of supported alphabets, why don't you include extended-Greek (polytonic) for ancient Greek classes? 

The software is great, but this is an enormous downside for me.  Transforming sentences into images is something out of the question.

I would appreciate an answer about this point.

Best regards,


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We did a review at the time of what was most popular and took in a lot of factors. We are looking at the fonts again to consider having a few more and we will look at how many requests we have for them, how popular they are in general usage around the world and also where most of our customers are based as well in terms of sales before deciding what to add. 

Thanks for your prompt reply.
Well, the reason to use this software was to make videos for ancient Greek classes. Ancient Greek requires  extended-Greek. Since our currency is worth less than 4 times now in relation to US dollar (and 5 times less in relation to euros), I believe it is not wise to buy a quite expensive software (for us) that does not the job entirely as necessary. Please, let me know when you decide to include this feature. BTW, the community of classicists should not be underestimated. Only in America, in 2013, there were almost 13,000 students of Ancient Greek.

Thanks Anise! We'll keep the forum updated with any updates on when things are going to be included so just keep watching this thread and you'll get an email if and when it's included

v2.3.5 was released this week and contains the extra characters. See for the full picture and a download link


Just a footnote to this! As well as downloading VideoScribe v2.3.5 you will also need to delete your font from VideoScribe and re-import it into v2.3.5 so the extra characters are imported for that font. 

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