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Video not publishing (rendering) as it appears in preview


My video is not publishing (rendering) correctly.  I have created a video and watched it all the way through in preview mode and it is fine.  All the elements are set correctly.

However, as soon as I publish it, it breaks and does not work - the elements perform differently.

I have tried deleting and re-creating elements, clearing and resetting the camera positions, publishing in every format possible - nothing works.

Please help - I do not want to have to re-do this video - this represents hours of wasted work!


Michael Sneddon

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I am having the same problem.  My scribe is about two and half minutes long and in the last minute the animation speeds up and is out of synch with the audio.  I even tried publishing it without the audio and adding the audio file in a different program but I get the same result.  Appreciate any help.



you are probably using version 2.3.3 or 2.3.2. upgrade to 2.3.4

If you are using 2.3.4 then attach your .scribe file here for specific feedback.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I was using 2.3.3 and I upgraded to 2.3.4, but I have the same problem.

Happy to attach my .scribe file if you tell me where to find it. :-)




I'm a little behind on my own work at the moment, so I'm not sure if I'll have free time to look at it before customer support chimes in, but here are some options:

Save your work online and tell customer support the name of it so they can help you identify the problem. How to save-scribes-on-your-computer-and-online
Customer support works Mon-Fri UK business hours.

You can export your work as a .scribe file and attach it here if you want other users to help you with it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

 ...also you may want to provide the times (for example: "at 1 minute 22 seconds") in the video where problems occur, so customer support or we users know what to look for.



I appreciate your offer to help.  I'm happy to wait for Customer Support.  I was able to save it to my computer and I tried to attach it here, but as it was over 15mb it wouldn't allow me to do so.

I don't know if Customer Support monitors this community or not, but if they do, the file name is Hank Retirement and the problem starts around the 1 minute 29 second mark.



Michael, I can see you have raised a ticket so I'll respond to you in there. 

Bruce, downloading and taking a look now

Bruce, timings seem ok to me after a render. Watched it through at the same time I am previewing in VideoScribe -

Which specific elements are you particularly concerned about?

Hi, Barry. When I watch the link you sent I see the same problems. For example, the element of the computer room at 1:33 should start with the words, "to run delivery". The element starts drawing early. Things get more out of synch moving forward. For example, the words "his days were numbered" should line up with the element of the calendar with the numbers 5, 4, 3... The words "spend more time in Tucson" should line up with the picture of Tucson. By the time we get to the words "leave for Alan" the element of putting paperwork in the outbox is already off the screen and a element of the man with the house is on screen, which should be with the words "home for lunch". The song doesn't even finish on the rendering, it gets cut off. Sorry for the detail, but the rendering for me is very off from the preview on my computer. I am trying to export it to a .mov at 1080 with 30 fps. Thanks, Bruce

Bruce, let me turn this into a support ticket for you and we can take a closer look

I'm running 2.3.4 and ran into the same issue. my second, fourth and fifth elements were being drawn in a different location on screen compared to preview. I tried publishng to different formats but no luck. I restarted Videoscribe and PC no change. I then deleted the elements and copied the same ones from a different section of the scribe and it fixed the problem.

I´ve got the same issue running version 2.3.4. Elements are not showing up once I created the video file or they are at completely different locations. I removed them as suggested above, but still it doesn´t work. Any solution for this?

Janin, I can see you raised a support ticket which is probably best for this issue as we need to take a closer look. My colleague updated that ticket earlier so take a look when you have a moment

Having read some other threads about similar symptoms, this may be related to a known bug:

17) Elements seem to be missing or appearing in the wrong locations: Ongoing bug in versions 2.3.2   2.3.3 and 2.3.4 (possibly other 2.x.x versions as well)

If you use a "move-in" (or possibly "morph") as your animation type, with a zero second animation time, elements may not appear in the correct location in rendered video. I don't know if it has been explicitly explained anywhere, but my guess is that the elements get stuck at the origin position of the move-in (the starting point from which they are supposed to move in). This means that they are off-camera when it is time for them to appear and they may end up in the path of the camera as it continues to move later in the scribe.

If any elements have an animation time of zero seconds change the element's animation type from "move-in" to "draw" and/or increase your animation time to some amount of time greater than zero.


I've added this to my tips and troubleshooting thread:

TIPS to avoid crashes, freezes, failure to render or erratic behavior (2015)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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