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Exporting a PNG rather than a PDF

Often a frame capture is needed for all sorts of documentation (Doc, PowerPoint, Help files, marketing collateral). Many types of illustration files.

A PDF is not designed for this. A PNG is.

Please add an option to export to PNG, like export to PDF works.

David, this feature is in VideoScribe (with a subscription)... and to give you choice you can also create a JPG sequence as well!

When you publish a scribe if you scroll through the format options you'll see those 2 options. 


I did this and got thousands of PNG files.  Is there a way to just import the last shot?

You should export a pdf if you just want 1 screenshot

A png sequence gives you 25 pngs for each second of video. To get fewer pngs you would have to reduce some or all of your animation, transition and pause times.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

This is marketing and educational presentation tool.

Grabbing a frame as a png or jpg at proper resolution for use in other media is an essential. A PODF is perfectly unusdable.

You can do this in other tools likeCamtasia or ProShow Producer - capturing a single frame as a hi-res image out of a video or animation.

This is a missing piece - like kerning. Hoping it's improved.

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