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Adding fill to a stroke, cannot replecate sketch clipart behaviour in inkscape


I want some colour to be added after my picture is drawn. Just some outline using a thicker marker. With transparency & some overlap. See attached file. 

I studied what I foud on this subject, 


But I cannot get it to work. 

The colour keeps appearing as the black lines are drawn. I did see an answer here with an explanation: "The hand is just a mask moving and thus it unintentionally reveals some colours that are close by...."

But when I check one of the sketch figures from Sparkol, they do not have that problem. I tried to look at it in inkscape, but do not understand how it was done....

Could anyone assist? I have tried lots of things and now Im stuck...



Hi, the pink is showing up early because you drew your pink lines overlapping your black lines.

do it this way:
make a copy of the pink line layers
1 (top layers) pink stroked paths. change the opacity to zero for all of these
2) (middle layers) basic black stroked paths
3) (bottom layers) copy of pink stroked paths. convert them to outlines

that way the black will be on top of the pink but the pink will still be drawn last.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks MIke for the swift response!

I tried it, but no luck. Perhaps I did it incorrectly...I attached some inkscape screenshots on how I understood this was to be done. Also attaching non-working result.

Any ideas?



Yeah I think you did it right, but the newest versions of inkscape cause the problem you are seeing by including some extra data that the current version of videoscribe does not understand. I resaved your SVG in illustrator CS4 and it works:

if you install inkscape version 0.48 you'll be fine

see item #7: Making SVG Images Draw Well (2015 update)

Hope that helps,
-Mike (videoscribe user)


Issue with SVGs created in Inkscape 0.91.

Symptom: Hand reveals too much when drawing the line. Intersecting lines and fill visible when drawing the outline.


Cause: The document has been saved in such a way that VideoScribe is calculating the width of the line to be thicker than it actually is and ‘reveals too much’.

Solution: Change the units within the Document Properties of the SVG and re-save.

File -> Document Properties… (or Shift+Ctrl+D).

Under ‘Custom Size’ change the units to pixels (px).


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