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How to improve my first videoscribe?

1) Any suggestions on jow to improve my first videoscribe?

2) Do you have good examples of how video of a person (a live talking head) have been combined with videoscribes?

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Hi I am Roshan garhewall , I need a help , actually I want to use vedeoscribe but it isn't start I have already tried too many times but....... So please can you help me


Are you trying to use videoscribe on an android device? There are already many threads about the Android app. It would be great to keep all of the questions and answers in one thread. That way if anything changes, all of the information will be in one place. If anyone wants to post additional questions or comments, I recommend the following thread, which contains official answers from Barry and Matthew:

Videoscribe does not run on my Android device

Or the feature request thread, if you want to request a new Videoscribe app for android:

Feature request: Videoscribe for Android.

If your question is about a different problem, please provide a more detailed description of the problem.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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