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TIMELINE Feature Requests

Hello! If I may, here are a few requests for the timeline: 

Powerpoint can arrange objects without necessarily making objects placed infront animate later than objects placed at the back. Maybe we can add this feature with VS? :) I'm really missing this feature. 

Also, maybe we can employ a timeline similar to Premier/Sony Vegas, so that we can easily cut/copy-paste a series of animation? 3 trays (with option to add more) for animation, and another 3 trays (with option to add more) for the audio. 

If it's possible too: if we can bracket certain animation series so that we can easily drag/copy these series (similar to prolly making null objects/buckets in AE/Flash?) 

Since I've experienced other software like AE, but is not as proficient with it, I opted to use VS, hoping that I could finish animation projects faster (plus, hand drawing animation looks cool). I'm kinda struggling because I've been dependent on these features as an animator/editor. 

Thank you so much! 

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