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Problem with youtube rendered video - using latest version of videoscribe


Having uploaded my movie to youtube, an illustration that is used near the beginning of the movie randomly and annoyingly re-appears again about half way through (which it shouldn't). I cannot see it in the timeline to remove it. I have tried rendering and uploading the video to youtube three times and same thing happens in the same place each time.

Any suggestions how to prevent this?



1) Please attach a .scribe file if you want help with your scribe. (or save it online and tell support the name of it, if you only want them to see it.
2) a link to the youtube video showing the problem would also be helpful.
3) what is the exact version number of videoscribe that you are using? Often people assume that last week's or last months version is the newest one.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike
Videoscribe Version 2.3.3         ("Technology enhanced learning ")
The offending graphic is a line drawn globe which appears with the text "constructivism" at 2'.49secs and stays until the camera moves onto a different graphic.

Not sure how to save online. File too large to attach here.
This is my first real attempt at a VS - morphing is a little wierd too.




Linda, v2.3.3 is not the latest version, we released v2.3.4 last week and it can be downloaded from

If you save your scribe online (click on the cloud icon on the save screen) we can take a look at what's going on for you

Hi I've updated v.s. and rendered file again - rogue graphic has gone, but morphing still odd. I will upload the file.


Thank Linda, I've got that. It's a bit of a beast of a file. Could you narrow down the search for me by giving time markers for the elements you are having problems with? I've started a render to so I can compare the VideoScribe settings/preview to the render once I have the timing narrowed down. (

It looks like there is a very quick morph at about 2:21-2:25 .

One problem is that a morph element has a transparent scribble over it which becomes a black scribble during the animation.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I noticed that one too but there is quite a few other morphs as well so wanted to make sure I looked at them all. Morph by design makes all the lines on an image outlined and morphs those lines, so if you have a transparent scribble over an image it will show that as a line. With PNG or JPG images that you are looking to import and use morph on this is going to be a big issue if you pick one of the last couple of import methods. 

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