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Recover Project


I create one big project and i forgot to export it and i was using free-trial. is there any way i could recover the project?? I dont have money to create a premium account!!

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Are you looking to export this as a scribe file to use on VideoScribe elsewhere or publish this as a video?

I have the same issue, I want to export as a video so I can show my work and subsequently, I will buy the premium account. Is this possible? or what alternatives are there? 

I would so appreciate if you could help 

Best regards

free trial users can render video directly to youtube, facebook or powerpoint.

paying members can do the same and can also render video files in MOV, AVI and WMV formats

Guides and video tutorials are available on the INSTANT ANSWERS page

If you have a problem rendering/publishing your scribe, please provide more specific information about the problem. You may also want to save your workfile online and tell customer support the name of it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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