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Having an uploaded image move around canvas

Would be nice to be able to have an uploaded image move around the canvas for instance a hand swiping, which I would say is pretty essential nowadays, as VideoScribe is perfect for presenting UI's of new phone apps.

The ugly transition (black box etc.) in between morphs is annoying.

Hope to see this feature ASAP :)

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The black boxes on morph will only happen if the SVG you are looking to morph has hidden lines on it which are usually there to guide the hand when colouring in a fill. With the right image (bacis outlined drawing) morph can quite well.

Also with your example of a phone being swiped I believe that's quite possible without the use of morph. Have a look at the example I created when asked by another customer ( I've attached the scribe file as well so you can see the setting I used

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