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Tawe video

 Two hours rendering the video and still waiting.

Jose, if you can post the shortlink code here I can check our what's happening for you

same problem here:

Did some test rendering after signing up and got emails and the videos appeared online in my account. Tried this evening and nothing. The publish facility plays to the end of the video and then halts; no confirmation that the video has been rendered; no email confirmation, nothing in my account online.

Any thoughts; is this the same issue as above.

Our problem seemed to fix itself overnight; as the next day it was available. I have noticed sometimes the processing is quick (within minutes) and sometimes takes hours.  Good luck

Peter, I'm not sure I understand what you are saying here. The publish facility has a preview option and is that what you are saying that plays then stops? If you just hit publish though on that page it should not preview it just uploads the file to our servers and queues it for rendering

Barry; Many thanks for the response and apologies for me getting in a tizzy about nothing; I hadn't actually clicked on the Publish button just the Play button; Duh. All sorted. P

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