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changing the colours of library and inmported graphics


I am currently using the trial version of VideoScribe, I am trying to change the colour of an element, but don't know how. For example I have an arrow, which draws in black, however I'd like it to be our company brands red colour, how can I do this?

I have tried to export it, change the colours in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 and then upload the new .svg, however this gives me a strangely filled arrow (coloured black) like all the lines have tried to join. I have converted the lines to outlines and this uploads much better, but it's still black. please can someone let me know how to alter this?

thank you

Illustrator CC and the newest versions of inkscape include extra data in their SVG files that can cause problems in videoscribe (black blobs instead of color fills, incorrect stroke widths, artifacts where lines intersect...).

The solution is to Re-save your illustrator SVG with these settings:


or use an older version of illustrator or inskcape (roughly pre-2013)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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