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problems with camera positions

Whenever I try to set a new camera position to focus on a different area of the canvas, it seems to make automatic changes to previous camera positions, re-setting them into the latest chosen position....thus ruining everything previously set up?


I hope this will make sense:

You cannot set a camera position that is assigned to no elements, and then add elements to the new camera position. That would be the reverse of the way videoscribe works.

You must have at least one element selected, in order to set a camera position, and the new camera position will be applied to that element (replacing any previous camera position applied to that element).

If you have multiple items selected in your timeline or on the canvas when you set the camera position, the new camera position will be applied to all of them.

If you want to set a new camera position but you don't want to change any of the previous elements, then you must add a new element for the new camera position.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks...I think it happens where I have copied and pasted - it applies changes to all similar images, whether I want it to or not!....Many thankls for your help.


OooOOOH! I'm not familiar with that problem! Thank you for describing it. Hopefully Sparkol can get that fixed.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Peter, there are a few things about copy/paste that need to be considered and could be causing issues if you were unaware of them. 

When you copy and paste elements in VideoScribe they will hold all but of the original settings of the copied element. There is only one exception to this and that's if the copied item is a morph or move in affect, when you paste an item it will always come in with a draw setting regardless of the original.

Also when you paste an item they will copy in directly over the top of the original as they keep the canvas position, zoom level and camera position settings as well. 

At the point of pasting the elements will also copy into the timeline location you have selected. By that I mean they will slot into the timeline directly after the element you currently have selected. If you have no element selected they will slot in at the end of the timeline. 

Given that it is possible to move the wrong item as they are placed on top of each other or paste them into the wrong point of the timeline and that would then change the make up of the work done. So good practice for pasting images at the end of a scribe would be to make sure you click on a blank space on the canvas first so no elements are selected and then when you want to move items use the timeline to select and highlight them rather than clicking on the canvas images as you are always sure you have the right one then. 

Sorry if the above is teaching you to suck eggs but it's always best to check! If that's not the case would be happy to turn this forum post into a support ticket and we can can a look at the scribe, try and recreate the issue and work out what's going on.

Is it possible to select an item and show the camera position? I'd like to insert an item and I don't want the camera position to change.

In the timeline at the bottom of the screen, click the thumbnail image of an element twice to show its camera position. you could probably click the element twice but then you might risk moving it by mistake.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike. Worked perfect.

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