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how to access older videos on


I'm a daily user of & have to send links for a preview to my clients. Recently, I have to show one of my older video (which was published on previously in that week) There, I just noticed for the first time that the "my videos" page only displays our last 48 videos. What about our older videos ?

I know we get links in our emails but this process will be really hectic for me to go again and again in my emails and hunt for the specific video.

Is there any way to watch all my published videos within "My videos" wall?


At the moment the page is limited to 48 videos, our developers are aware of the bug and we will put a solution in place so you can see your entire video history. As soon as we have an update on when that's likely to be I'll let you know

So for now, I can refer back to the links in my emails to access videos or publish it again ?

That's correct

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