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If I subscribe to videoscribe for 1 month

If I subscribe to videoscribe for 1 month, do I get access to all features of videoscribe for that month and will the videoscribe mark be taken out if I use paid version?

Second question.. if I use paid version for 1 month ? Can I just save my video on desktop and then upload it to youtube from there.. direct uploading takes too long and kinda complicated. 

It would be really good if I get answer to my question fast. :)

1) Yes- all videoscribe features are available while your subscription is active.
(note: in the library, members are allowed to offer their own images for sale. nobody gets those particular images for free)
2) The videoscribe watermark is not added to videos rendered by PRO users
3) Yes, as a PRO user, you can render videos to your computer and then upload them manually to youtube or other sites.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks bro, but how do I know if a particular img is for sale from somebody?  and how long does it take to get full access after payment has been done

images with red tags are for sale by users images with green tags are free from users. the other images are all free for use with videoscribe.

Some credit card payments may take a couple of hours to go through. processing time may depend on your credit card company or bluesnap and how they process recurring payments.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Okay I am going to use a debit card to make payment, I hope it will work.. I have applied for a debit card today.

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