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How to arrange all the elements properly

I'm little confused about 'setting camera' and 'clear camera' function.

I'm not able to arrange all my elements on the canvas. like they are not moving as i need them to.

Sometimes while seeing the preview, the elements are spreading out of the canvas.

Also not able to understand zoom in zoom out.

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Bhaskar, the little camera with a tick in it (bottom right) is what sets the camera. So any item you need to change you can just select that element on the timeline, zoom to the level you would like to see it at and then click that camera to save the position. The video linked below takes you through this step by step

Set the camera position and use zoom - bootcamp session 2

Thanks Barry,

Let me have a look and will update you.

Hi Barry,

An element in my scribe is getting out of canvas while playing the preview.
How is the territory of a canvas is defined?

How can i make sure that , lets say, my 4 elements should be in same canvas.

1) if you already have elements on the canvas, position the camera where you want it
2) select an element (image or text)
3) place it where you want it
4) (scale or rotate the element if desired)
5) with the element selected click the "set camera" icon to save the camera location for that element
6) repeat the process for the other elements.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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