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Without an internet connection you can only log in with your last used details???

iam tired,  i applied the following steps did not work 

1) If you are on a company network instead of at home, ask your IT person if there are any restrictions on your system that might prevent an installed program from accessing the internet.

2) If you are on wireless instead of connected by in ethernet cable, please mention that.

3) if you are on a laptop that is not plugged into a power outlet, please mention that.

4) Have you previously been able to log in on that machine?

5) is there another machine on the network that has videoscribe installed so you could try to log in as a test?

6) have you tried deselecting the "remember me" option and manually typing your email and password again?


It might be best for you to RAISE A SUPPORT TICKET so that you can correspond with customer support directly.

If you would like other users to try to help you, then please provide the answers and information mentioned in those 6 statements and questions in your original post:

For example,
1) Where are you using videoscribe? on a computer at home? on a company network? on a school network?
2) are you using a wireless network or is there a network cable plugged into your computer?
3) Are you using a laptop computer? If so, is it plugged into a power outlet or are you using the battery when the login problem occurs?
4) Have you previously been able to log in ? Or have you never been able to log in since the very first time you tried to use videoscribe?
5) If you have more than one computer, can you use videoscribe on the other one(s)?
6) have you tried erasing your email and password and typing them in again?

(also have you tried restarting your computer ?)

The thread from which you copied those 6 statements probably contains more troubleshooting suggestions including browser security settings that you should check.

Good luck,

Mohammed, if you have checked the remember me option previously VideoScribe will cache your last used credentials and allow you to log-in offline. Will treat you as a Free Trial user though at that point as we can't verify your subscription is active unless you have a connection

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