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Feature Request: Custom Hand Defaults work like Factory Hand Defaults

The default hands already auto-select a moving hand when moving elements, and then autoselect a different hand (drawing hand) when drawing elements.  It does this automatically, which is incredibly handy when you have 40 elements - half that move and half that draw.

Unfortunately even though the capability is already there (and is used by factory defaults) the UI doesn't allow the user to replace these images independently, instead it presents the user with only one hook to replace both images simultaneously with only one image, thereby destroying the distinction between the two.  So there are multiple possible feature requests here (up to sparkol to pick the best solution):

1) A front-end change to the UI so we can select different default-hands independently for moving vs. drawing, as the capability already exists with the factory default hands.

2) Alternatively, or perhaps additionally, the user selects a hand-set (example: Jonny) instead of a specific hand, which selection then automatically use from the selected set the most commonly used draw hand for the drawing-default-hand, and the most commonly used move hand for the moving-default-hand.

3) If option 2 is used above, then it would be nice to also automatically use from the selected set a paint-hand for revealing raster bitmap images (that aren't vectorized).  Some of the hand sets do have a paint brush, but ideally this would be a wide paint-brush.

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I will get this one logged with the product team for you.

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