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Color of Pens, Crayons etc... (RR-1018)

One of the major continuity issues with this product is that the color of the font often does not match the color of the pen itself.  For instance, a black sharpie should write black and green one should write green.  This would mean a change in the color palette should be applied to the pen too.  Hard to believe this question hasn't been raised yet, but stranger things have happened.


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Hi Jeff,

Many users will change the colour of the text to fit the pen they've selected rather than the other way round. 

This is because the font/image being drawn can be  adjusted, whilst the colour of the pen would only be adjusted by inserting another image of a hand holding that colour of pen.

A colour palette swap would not be available for this.

I suggest upvoting this request here, as it is a request to increase the library of hands available in VideoScribe.

In your case, additional hands with different coloured pens would be more beneficial than the selection currently available. 

I hope this helps.


Sparkol Support Team

Why is there no black felt tip stand alone pen? We've got green, red, purple and light blue but no black - just plain weird...

But I agree with the original post - the colour of the pen should change automatically to match the text. Whilst I realise that hands are essentially just images in 2 different positions, surely this is a couple of hours work for an experienced illustrator to go through and change the colour of the pen barrel and tip to all the available colours and then for a programmer to write some code to have them automatically sync with text colour. 

If there was some way of exporting hands I'd have already changed a few. 

The default hand actually does change marker color to match the text.

If you want other hands to do it, you have to make custom hands.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks Mike - I realise that you are just a very experienced user chiming in to help (and it does). This does not explain why there is no default black felt tip pen? Bottom line - if VS can do it with one hand they should be able to do it with all the hands. The whole idea of having a variety of hands is that you can produce something with ethnic/male/female mix. You can't create a custom hand if you don't have access to someone with the right type of hand..

This is logged with our designers and developers and will be considered for inclusion in a future release of VideoScribe.

I realise this is an old request but can you please give users access to the original hands so we can modify the pen colour ourselves rather than waiting for some promised future date (that may never eventuate) for improvements? I'm quite prepared to work around problems but only if a workaround actually exists!

I'm afraid the only workaround at this time would be to create your own hand images and import them into VideoScribe. 

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