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Must have features for Videoscribe


I must say that I realy like this software and that I have made 2000+ videos in may 3,5 years working with it. Started on Fiverr making them for 5$ and now we are making them for 500$ + per minute , so we are doing something right. The only proble here now is we cant realy get any higher with prices as we are missing few things to get us to another level with our clients. We would realy realy love to se features like:

1) hand coming in and out - when drawing and bringing something to the cenvas , and not just disapering

2) Pop-up effect - images pop-ing up on the screen with some motion 

3) Fade in - images fading in and out , very usefull for coloring and things like that when there is not enought time for hand to draw or color - realy a must have , I think this is the only animation software doesnt have this feature 

4)Hand movement - I know you cant probably make very realistic hand movement that would be usefull for all images , but could you maybe add some additionl placement for images of hands , like now we can only add 2 images of the same hand , but if we can add like 5 or 6 images of the same hands in different positions , I think that would look way better

5) I think I read somewhere that Videoscribe cant use more then 1.5GB of ram , not sure if thats true but we are crashing the software all the time , can you do something about that as well would be great

Thank you , hopefuly this will have some effect on the videoscribe future as we love it


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Hi Mitja, thanks for the request

They way Ideas and features works is that people will vote on suggestions posted and we consider implementing the popular suggestions.

If you have a number of suggestions it would be best to add them as a single idea so it is easier for people to vote and we will know which suggestion is being voted for.

For the hand moving out, please vote on this request here.

For images popping in, do you mean images appearing on the canvas without the hand? You can cause images to appear by setting the draw time to 0.0 seconds.

For fade in and out, please vote on this request here.

It has been requested previously to improve the hand import options, this would be well received request with enough votes.

VideoScribe runs on the Adobe Air platform, this provides a maximum memory use of up to 2GB, though errors will tend to be caused from around 1.2 GB upwards.

This is a limitation that we work around by reducing the memory use from our import options etc keep the scribes to workable size, but we are always looking to improve this.

I hope this helps.


Sparkol support team.

"For images popping in, do you mean images appearing on the canvas without the hand? You can cause images to appear by setting the draw time to 0.0 seconds."

Yes but with some bouncing effect , not just still

I already did vote on all of those , so hope everyone else will as well.

Here you can check  one of our video that we put on so we could check it out how it works , and it looks good , thanks

All 5 suggestions are great ;)


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