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Publishing Issues

I've published my scribe twice.

Both times, there are elements that play fine in my preview, but are completely omitted from the published version....this throws off my audio too...

How can I get this looked at? I'd be happy to send you my scribe file, if I knew where to locate it...

here is my published file link:

Save it online and let us know what it's called. Also the timings of the missing images would be very useful

Good morning,

it is saved online in the base folder - Called Explainer Video New

some examples of missing elements are:

1. Small Red Car at :12

2. Internet explorer screen at :21

3. Screenshot at 1:50

thank you

Any update on this?


I don't know if customer support has had a chance to look at it, but it definitely looks (to me) just as you described it. At 0:12 the camera moves to a new location but the car never appears.

Of course, I can't be sure without seeing the scribe (I'm just a user), but I think it is a bug in the newest version(s) of videoscribe. (a less likely possibility is that the car is being drawn or moved somewhere outside of the visible canvas area, but if it looks okay in the preview then that is probably not the case.)

If you  want to try some things, you could:
1) try restarting videoscribe and rendering again. If that doesn't work...
2)(first save copies online of all of my locally saved work as a backup, then)
3) uninstall the current version of videoscribe and install version 2.2.5.

Maybe that will eliminate the bug.

if you want to install an older version like 2.2.5, click "ACCOUNT" at the top of this page and then look for the "see all versions" link

If you don't want to try those things, you can wait and see what customer support recommends.

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


Vincent, sorry for the delay we are closed over the weekend. 

Unfortunately the base folder is a local folder and not online. Your online cloud folder is empty so I can't download this and take a look. Instructions for saving online 

OK...Sorry about that.

Can you see if you can access it now?  I think I saved it in the right folder this time.

Yes I can. 

All 3 of those elements have been set to 'Move In' with 0.00sec as the move time. VideoScribe can't do that so if you want things to to appear instantly use draw with a 0.00sec time. I have amended those 3 elements to draw instead of move in and it seems to be fine now. 

I've put the new file with the changes in you cloud folder called "Explainer Video New_Sparkol"

it's odd how when you preview, the elements are there with the settings I had, but when published they are missing.  I would think the preview should reflect what the published version looks like.

In any event, thank you for correcting the problems.

I will continue with my final version and let you know if I have any other issues.

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