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Unable to Save Scribes

After using Videoscribe for 6 months, I am no longer able to save scribes in the cloud or on my computer. Whether I click export to a file or save online, neither option allows me to save the scribe. I also tried uninstalling and re-installing the program and am having the same problem.

I am using Windows 7.

Please advise as I cannot continue until the issue is resolved.

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I am having the exact same issue. Very frustrating.

 Yes, I provided a movie of the problem happening in real time.

Sometimes the link between the music you have added and the scribe file can become corrupted. Please remove the music and save the file. Once saved without a sound track you can then go back into the music library and re-add the same track. This should re-establish the link and allow you to carry on.

 The scribe is still not saving after the sound track is removed. If it helps, after opening a file (ie File33), when attempting to save the scribe, the saved name always is the same file name (ie File 1). So, if I open File36, the saved file name again reverts to File1.

Kim, think it's probably best if I create a support ticket for you so one of the team can take a look at this in more detail

Kim, just noticed that you already had a support ticket opened for this so merged it with the one I just opened. Looking at the notes it suggests that removing the soundtrack and adding a different one enabled you to save? Is that correct?

 Barry, haven't checked them all but probably about 100 different files are corrupted (different soundtracks for many of them. Still going through to make sure I can access them all. It's a very tedious process since each movie requires removal of the soundtrack, then adding a new generic soundtrack, then saving, then adding back the original soundtrack and saving again.

Sorry Kim, I know it's not the most ideal workaround! We're still not sure what causes this will raise it with the developers again to see if we can investigate it again and stop it happening in the first place.

I am having the same issue. When I add a music track to my scribe, I can't save the scribe. If I remove the track, I can save it, but as soon as I add back music ... I can't.


Few questions to help us understand the issue:

  1. Are you changing the file name of the scribe when you save it each time or saving it as the same file? 
  2. Are you picking sound from the library or importing an MP3?
  3. Does this happen on all your projects or just a particular scribe?

Would be happy to take a look at the scribe too if you want to save it online or attach it here. If you are using your own MP3 providing that would also be helpful.


1. Yes

2. Picking sound from library

3. Happened on one particular scribe.

I have reduced the size of some of my svg files within the scribe, and now that it is a smaller overall size, saving with the music is working. (it may only be an issue with larger scribes? Not sure)

The issue is generally linked to a scribe where the name is being changed. Basically speaking when you create a new scribe project with a rename the sound does not save with it but stays in the project itself on screen. So on a scribe you are making regular amendments to and saving versions of I would avoid adding a soundtrack until you are on your final version or maybe just adding one to preview and then taking it back out before saving.

It's a priority bug for us and we will get something out as quickly as possible to correct the save process and remove this issue

I am having a similar problem.  It is a scribe that I made a while ago and now want to edit.  It is a voiceover (not music) and the scribe elements are synched to the voice, so it is not easy to remove the sound and then reload it.

I am not able to re-save it at all!  Each time I make edits, save and close, I reopen and the old version remains.  It is a hugs problem.  Any suggestions

Hi Michele,

Please try the following.

Make one or two edits to the scribe and then try to save it. If it doesn't save, try adding a soundtrack from the VideoScribe music library. Then try saving again. If it saves, remove the soundtrack again and make a few more edits. Your scribe should then save normally without having to add a soundtrack.

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