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Please increase the default move speed by like 2-3x, or more

If you watch sparkol videos on the cloud you'll discover that the move speed is always faster ... at least 2-3 times faster than what is your factory default.  Do you think you can make it easier on your users by making that the default?

Just thinking out loud here.  No doubt the reply is probably that I can change that in the global settings (and I don't know about that ... more below), but that still doesn't resolve the fact that the factory default is too slow.  Isn't it customary to set factory defaults such that minimizes required user customization?

Which brings up the other point ... I said I don't know if it's in the global customizations because I'm in the middle of making a video and I can't access the global settings from here.  I have to close my project first, which of course takes time closing and opening, just to check a parameter.  Since my TRS-80 days in the late 70's I've never known a piece of software that locks you out of global settings while working on a project.  So that's another thing to add to the feature request.

David... just to be predictable it is in the global settings which are on the project home page (cog in the bottom right)

It's set to 5 seconds max as default as currently the draw time, move in time and animation time (morph) are all controlled by the same default. As draw is the most commonly used function we use the optimum time for that which was found to be 5 seconds. 

So I suppose this now makes this feature request please split out the defaults for draw, move-in and animation and research/set the defaults to an optimum time. Still a very valuable request just thought I would explain why we are where we are.

Ah, yes.  I occurred to me that may be the case, and you're right ... it would be ideal to split them out because moving is typically much faster (depending on how much text there is).

As for optimal time (for either drawing or moving), I'm curious if you're trying to mimic actual hand movements vs what people typically show on their videos.  Or maybe a compromise.  Hypothetically, it seems that the goal should be to minimize the amount of customization users have to do (on average) to their personalized defaults.  It comes down to is the customer "always right" .... One might hypothetically ask "Is customer satisfaction the goal, or some artistic compromise?"  Food for thought.

With a max time to draw an item we are certainly not trying to mimic actual hand movements as I know how long it can take some of our illustrators to draw some of these things in real life! 

It's a compromise, we want it to look like it's being drawn but it needs to be at speed to keep the viewers attention. For us it's about what will be engaging and hold the focus of an audience.

Thanks for your answer!

The status of this request has been updated to 'In Progress'.

The default draw time request has been assigned a reference of VS-3420, with the default draw time lowered to 8 seconds.

This is currently planned for release in VideoScribe version 2.3.5.

Thank you you for you input, please do keep on posting requests when possible.

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