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rolling dice


I would like to create a board game type of effect- moving from spot to spot along a path and in each spot I will expand on a certain point on my presentation. Any suggestions how to create this?

Also, I'd like to have a rolling dice before moving from spot to spot. I tried with the morph (copied the dice twice and then did -360 rotation ) but it didn't really look good.

I'd be grateful for help!


Rolling dice will be tricky. Morphing is not good for rotation, and videoscribe's strengths are really in drawing things out instead of animating them.

The most "videoscribey" way to do this would be to draw a static picture of a hand that

 has just rolled the dice and draw the dice with whatever numbers you want . That may require you to make custom SVGs.

The most "animationy" way to do this would be to make an animated GIF of the dice rolling and stopping on the numbers that you want. That requires you to find or make an animated GIF (Google search for more information)

If you have a game board image, it is pretty easy to move the camera around the game board. LINK: move camera from place to place on a drawing

-Mike (videoscribe user)

It's a quick and simple mock up based on a google image search for a generic board and a dice from the image library but it gives you an idea of something you could achieve. With a better board image and more dice numbers (Create your own SVG) and even a custom hand to make it look more like a dice trowing hand (Import your own hand) you could improve on this a lot but gives you an idea.

Hi Barry,

Your dice is great! But how did you get it to turn so neatly?


I attached the scribe so you could see the settings but just used morph and entered a random but large rotation of 1000°. From there I just manually wound it back until the preview saw the 6 at the top of the dice so that looks like where it landed. 

So basically with this dice you can create any landing position for 3, 5 & 6. If you make another dice (Create your own SVG) in Inkscape or Illustrator (Could just take this one in, trace it and change the dots) with 1, 2 & 4 on it then you have all 6 options at your disposal. 

Have added screen shots of the settings below

First Dice with a custom move in hand and no transistion/pause so the dice moves as soon as the hand stops.

Second dice morphing from the first, low animate time so it moves across the screen at a reasonable pace.

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