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pause not working

Having read your message acknowledging that pause adjustments are ignored when they proceed an element that has 0 draw time (a fairly major bug which has consumed a lot of my time), the time for a solution seems vague. How can I download a version of the software that works and delete the current version?

Andrew Evans

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1)  To be safe, it is a good idea to save a copy of all of your scribes online or export them to a destination of your choice on your hard drive as .scribe files. To do either of those things, run videoscribe, log in, and right-click each scribe thumbnail images for a list of options (export to file) (save online).

2) to uninstall videoscribe, use the recommended uninstall procedure for your operating system. That process should not remove any of your saved scribes. For example in windows10, open the control panel and choose programs and features, then follow the instructions to uninstall. (Do not run any third-party memory cleaning programs or hard drive cleanup programs.)

3) To download an older version of videoscribe, at the top of this webpage, click "ACCOUNT" to go to your account page, Then under the download image for the current version click "see all versions"

I'd recommend downloading version 2.2.5

-Mike (videoscribe user)


With regards the fix for this. 

Got an update from the development team this morning and the fix is almost available. We are in the process of bundling it up into a release with a number of other fixes and features. It's close, we are looking at about a week away if all goes well.

The Pause function does still not work in the latest version... 

If you are having an issue with the pause function, please save a copy of your scribe to your online directory, open a support ticket and let us know the name of the scribe with a description of the issue in the ticket and we can take a look.

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