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Videoscribe app til iPad

Hello Videoscribe helper

I like my app, but i have a friend WHO have the same app but it can do a lot more than mine. her app  can deaw with a hand or whitout.  My app can only Draw with a hand,-why? my app do not have a scissor or other tools at the bottom line. what am i suppose to do to get this tools?

If you have the same version of the app, choose the blank hand image from the hands menu. Your friend can probably show you how.

If your friend has an older version of the app that is no longer available, and you have the new Videoscribe Anywhere free app, then you cannot change hands.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thank you Mike for your answer. My friends app have a hand menu where she can choose a hand scribble or not. I have payed for my version of the app but don't have this alternative either the possibility to use scissors or other tools. What have I done wrong?
Even if you paid for the old app a while ago... if you downloaded the new free app, it has fewer features.


The only app available now is the free app "Videoscribe Anywhere". Even if you paid for the old app a while ago and had it installed... if you replaced it with the new free app, it has fewer features.

Hi Mike Thanks for your support. I understand, my friend has a older version of the app, and thats why she has more features than I have. Have a nice day.

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