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Manual Transition

Is there some way to force a manual transition?  I need the normal automated video scribe for training purposes with voiceover but I'd like to use the same piece for a presentation that I'm doing where I'd want the ability to step through each piece and allow for questions and answers.  I'd rather not recreate the images manually in powerpoint to achieve the same result and I'd like the scribe animation included.  

Thank you

If you want the video to stop by itself after each scene and wait for you to press play, the only way is to:
1) make a separate scribe for each scene,
2) render them as separate videos and then
3) import each video into powerpoint as a separate slide.

if you just want to press "pause" and "play" on a video player to stop and start your video you can probably do that on any player or even youtube. just include long enough pauses in your scribe between scenes so that you will have enough time to press the pause button at the right places.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Perfect!  Thank you Mike.  

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