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Using multiple images


I am trying out Tawe and love it so far.

One issue I am having though is creating a tawe with multiple images. I have tried pasting a number of screenshots together in one big image(1600X8000), but find the quality drops a lot. It seems like Tawe scales the image down and back up when it opens. 

Is there a better way of doing this?



Steven, Tawe does have an upper size limit and will scale when that is hit. It's really designed for a single image at this point

Thanks Barry, that's what I suspected.

In hindsight, I was trying to put about 20 full size screenshots together in a single image, which is quite a lot.

As a workaround, I made much smaller images with 3 or 4 screenshots per image and Tawe'd each smaller image separately. That worked great for me, I got full quality, and my content worked better logically broken in to 3/4 screenshots at a time.



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