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Scribe - Multiple Points

I have scoured your tutorials and Q&As, but I must be looking at things wrong.  I'm trying to create a videoscribe that makes a couple of different points, so I want to create a new scene without the elements (both image and text) from the initial scene.  

In order to accomplish this, do I create multiple scribes and merge them in one piece via PPT or Youtube, or is there a way to do this within one file?


In general, you:
1) add an image and then click "set camera".
2) adjust the scale, rotation and placement of the image as desired.
3) repeat step 1 and 2 for any additional images that you want in the same scene.
4) click and drag the canvas to move the camera to a new empty part of the canvas. (you have to click on a part of the canvas that is not covered by any images or their bounding boxes.)
5) repeat steps 1-4 until your scribe is complete.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike - I'll give this a try!

In step 1, you mention adding an imaging and the set camera.  Can I do this with text?

Yes, "set camera" works the same way with text and images.


I have tried this and I still have overlapping images/text. Peggy


if your elements overlap.... click and drag one of them to a different location.... then position the camera where you want it and click "set camera" again.

if you are unable to move an element for some reason, specify that more clearly or describe the problem, whatever it is, in more detail please.

Good luck!


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