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Video freezes at 'creating video, no time remaining'

I am trying to publish a video however this is the third time it freezes at the above point.

I have successfully rendered other videos of the same length and file size yet this one just won't quite get there.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks



save the scribe online and tell support the name of it if you want their help.
attach the exported .scribe file here if you want community help.

Probably something in this list:

  TIPS to avoid crashes, freezes, failure to render or erratic behavior (2015)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

As Mike said it would be good to see the scribe with this type of issue so please save online and let us know the name or attach it to this forum. The video should preview as it renders as well and if you could take a screen shot of the point it is failing as it may be an issue with the element it is trying to draw at the time and this will point us in the right direction. 

Great thanks, I have now saved it online- mortgage options. It gets all the way through and freezes on 'creating video no time remaining'.

I have another issue a video i published has no sound on it after completion? any ideas on solving this? This is track 32 complete online.

Many thanks



Louise, I have just tried to download both those files and take a look. Can't download them though there seems to be a problem with the file. Could you remove them from your online library and then save them there again from your base library. Either that or I can turn this post into a private ticket and you could then export them from VideoScribe and attach them to the ticket.

I've tried many times to save the file to video file. But, it didn't work out. It always freezed at the end of fhe creating video process. Can you help me please? I need this for my class

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