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export to Instagram

Can we have 'export to instagram' integration as we have the option to export videos to facebook, youtube etc ? I've been doing this manually, by rendering my videos and importing in instagram through my mobile. This whole process is quite long If instagram can be linked I'd love to use that feature more often. :)

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That's a great idea Fatima, at the moment you can render your video and upload it to whatever app you prefer. But it's definitely worth looking at what social media apps we would be able to link directly as Facebook/YouTube interaction is currently available. Let’s see if this request gets some more upvotes!

I hope it gets votes because in my opinion, instagram is one of the most effective "video" sharing platform to convey a message or grab attention.

I would definately like this feature. Sooner the better, I'm having trouble uploading to Instagram, if anyone could help with process and formats I would be forever grateful

We've been talking about different video platforms recently around the office. They all have quite short limits in terms of the length of video you can upload.

  • Twitter videos must be between 0.5 and 30 seconds
  • Instagram videos must be between 3 and 15 seconds
  • Vine videos must be below 6 seconds.

What sort of videos are you uploading on a regular basis that are this length, does it tend to be previews of your content or are you using it for short videos on social media platforms?

I create short videos for social media platforms specially facebook, instagram & youtube. Videos displaying testimonials, any special announcements, speed painting of logo & URLs etc etc. Most of my video's length ranges from  10 seconds to 30 seconds.

Great, thanks a lot for the insight. It's really useful to know details about the way you guys are trying using the software when you make suggestions, we really appreciate it!

For now, if anyone else thinks they'd find it useful then I'd encourage them to hit the "like" button on the original post.

Thank you :)

Instagram now allows videos of up to 60 seconds so all the more reason to have an 'export to Instagram' option :) 


Yes instagram now supports longer videos. Which is amazing ! :D

Hi, Can anyone help me upload a video to instagram?

i dont know how to render it and upload it.


YES! This feature would be really helpful!

Buenas noches. Hay que llevar a cabo algún proceso previo para subir un video a Instagram? Lo he intentado, y la red social lo acepta, lo sube, pero a la hora de reproducirlo solo se ve una mancha.  Gracias por su atención.


I would love to see an Instagram feature. I'm finding it quite challenge to get the right size of text that can be read on easily once the video plays. 

i am also not able to upload my scribe on insta. it keeps showing render error . 

what to do?

And yes this feature will be cool 

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