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Videoscribe Anywhere for Android

I still have have the old videoscribe application in my cell phone but this is of no use now because I can't login. Please restart this app soon. When we can expect a new android version of videoscribe anywhere? Please please please.... I want this app on playstore again as soon as possible ! ♡ Thanks!

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It's certainly something we are considering but no firm date as yet!

I tried the android version of your app videoscribe now and I also tried the iOS version videoscribe anywhere. The iOS version from my perspective is far ahead of the android one. Can you please launch the same version on Android platform. It would be really great for everyone.
Bagaimana saya bisa menggunakan videoscribe di handphone. Please

UPDATE: a post was made in the following thread on August 28, 2018:

QUOTE from that thread : "We are working on a new VideoScribe app that will be usable on Android devices but I cannot say at this time when that will be available."


Android app is now in Beta testing - find out more on the page linked below.

VideoScribe is not available for Android

Any updates on android version, i waiting for this very eagerly. Please make it happen!

Not yet, the app in Beta was not released on Android in the end. We will keep this post updated if there is a new Android App at any point

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