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Setting text to the same size


I love Video Scribe but would find it so much easier if there were a way to set the font size instead of having to just manually dragging the corners as this is pretty unreliable. 

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As the canvas is effectively infinate and you can zoom from 1% to 2500% adding a font size isn't really practicle. There are 2 ways of achieving what you need.

 - Add all your text at the same zoom level on a maximised screen. The font sizes proportionally to the canvas you have displayed so if you are at the same zoom% when adding all your text it'll all be the same size,

 - Forgot what % you were on? No worries. Copy some existing text, paste it, then go to the properties and edit the text to what you need. It will retain the size of the existing text.

What happens if yo have already added all the text and need to change sizes? YOu need to delete and reenter? The size handles make it impossible to set all sizes the same? Any "Snap to" options?

This is like the kerning problem that lingered unsolved for years.

Videoscribe folks, there's a reason HTML has H1-H6 headers, CSS and responsive design. No where cares about font size, they care about design consistentency.

This is so obvious...

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