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My short and sweet experince with 2.3.3

 I was using 2.2.5 and upgraded to 2.3.3. I got a request to edit a project I created in 2.2.5. Basically the client wanted mt to replace some images with images he  provided. (SVG images). When I replaced the current image with the new images, the new images would not draw (drawing path was created in illustrator).

Went back to 2.2.5 and did the edit and the replaced imaged drew with no problem. So won't work for me.

I think this had been said a million times now, but the bugs that are part of every version Sparkol puts out is beyond annoyance by now. I'm never excited any more about a new version knowing within minutes (not hours, not days) but minutes of using the new version I will discover a problem. By now I have given up with Sparkol putting out a bug free program. It is part of their legacy.

So heavy users, like myself, instead try to find the version that has the least bugs and stick with it. Even 2.2.5 has bugs, but once you learn the work around, upgrading to a new version with new bugs to learn new wrok arounds is not productive. The bugs just slow you down....if 2.2.5 was bug free I could produce videos in twice the time..but I learn along time ago....bug free is not part of Sparkol vocabulary.

Hi Dan,

Sorry for the delayed reply, we've been closed over the Xmas Period.

Just been having a chat with our release manager about this and there is has been no change to the image import process between v2.2.5 and v2.3.3 so we would certainly like to take a closer look at this one!

When you say the images would not draw in v2.3.3 in what way did you mean? Is the programme freezing when it gets to them or another symptom? Any screenshot, videos or descriptions you can provide would be appreciated.

Also would you be able to save the scribe online and also attach the SVG files you are looking to add/replace as well. Happy to turn this into a private ticket if you would like the SVGs to stay out of a public forum. We can then run these through 2.2.5 and 2.3.3 to see if we can replicate the issue and get to the bottom of the cause.



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