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some parts of my video disappear and some showed in the wrong camera position


I'm using the 7 day free trail right now and try to make a more than 2 minutes long video.

Yesterday after I opened the scribe I saved and played. Half part of my video disappeared (actually only showed one or two arrow I put it there very quickly) And the rest played but all the camera position seems all messed up. 

I feel very frustrated and searched for solution. Already tried to change the file's name and save it and reboot it and opened it again. Doesn't work. And also tried to make a copy and deleted all the blank image in the time line and then saved and played, not working either.Very strange. 

BTW, I imported many pictures into Videoscribe and most of  them I cut to small size before I imported. And my pictures are PNG or JPG. 

Oh, and I worked on this video around 2 hours every night to add more and more stuff on it and before yesterday every time when I was playing, it all works fine. Don't know what's going on...

Save the work online and tell customer support the name of it if you want specific feedback.

My guess is that you multiple-selected some items and accidentally either moved them or changed the camera position for them.  Difficult to say what else might be the problem without seeing the scribe...

-Mike (videoscribe user)


OK. Thanks.

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