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Re: Import SVG image

Hi! We have created a vector images for our videoscribe story board, we used the Adobe Illustrator for creating the file then Save it As SVG (as VideoScribe supports mostly). When we view the SVG files that we created, it's fine, no problem, but why when we imported it to our story board, the image becomes Black, Pure Black, that can't be seen the design anymore... But when it runs (by writing), you'll see how the image looks, but when it's done, it will become pure black...

Please see the attached file for the sample of SVG file that we did.

Kindly advise what went wrong...

Thank you!

You may find our Create your own images page useful and also this YouTube video which one of our customers has created to walk you through image creation. One of our regular customers also has a forum post on tips and settings needed with SVGs to make them draw well in the application.

Thank you very much for your kind support! Great support!

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