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Better (multicore) Rendering?

Is there any plan, to publish one day a version how used more than one logic core? I havr the new xeon 1231 processor but i need two hours to rendering a 10 minute movie clip.

I use just the demo but thats not the reason, right?

I render in flv because this is the fastest. After that I use ffmpeg to make a mp4 (in 5minutes of corse).

And I didn't want to buy a strong single core just for this nice programm.
So I wait to buy it until there is a multicore support.

Sorry for my very bad english.

ffmpeg.JPG ffmpeg.JPG
36.5 KB

If you purchase a subscription you have the option to 'Share Online'. This will upload the video to and the render will take place on our cloud servers leaving you free to work on another project. Once uploaded you can then download it as a MP4 file.

How large are the upload? +-


You upload the scribe file which is less than 50 MB.

The size of the scribe file depends on the length of the scribe, if there is audio on it or not and the number of different fonts on the scribe. i just bought an I7 5820k i just wanted to add my personal wish: with multicore optimization this Programm would be so much sweeter to use!

As the program runs on Adobe Air platform, it is limited to 2GB max on the processor, and can cause errors when exceeding the 1.2 GB of use.

It is unfortunate that we cannot take advantage of your (admittedly awesome as a personal preference) processor, but we're still working on squeezing out as much power as possible.

hahaha - thx jonny! i'm havin a hard time even getting it "warmed up" (far from making it sweat^^) and can only recommend it for a graphic-work-rig.

back to topic: anyway, i am really glad to see that questions get answered quickly and though there are still some performance / whatever issues it seems that you guys are really listening to your community - which i consider almost as important as a "reliable" tool for my job. and as is still got zero issues exporting as 1080p .mov and getting 1080p .mp4 form sho (though both have a visible lossy compression).

I personally see my yearly subscription as an invest (and it is admittedly quiet affordable) and am sure that in future you may be able to fix most things. so, thx again for the good customer service (especially stuff like the x-mas templates and tutorials and stuff!) and keep up the good work!

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