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Rendering changes size on objects


There are a few objects (SVGs) I'm having trouble getting to render appropriately.

It's really bizarre. When I playback the animation, it appears correct. But when I do the final publish/render, I have issues:

One SVG consistently renders at about 150% of what it previews at, and another renders at about 10% of what it previews at.

Anyone seen this before or have any clue how to fix it? Need help ASAP with it.

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Are these objects from the library or something you have imported yourself?

Would also be quite useful to see the scribe to investigate. If you could export it and add it to the forum or save it online and let us know what's it called and we can download it from there

I'm having a similar problem to Alex, except that some of my objects just don't show up at all, or are in very random places on my canvas once rendered. All of my objects are from the library. I'll save it online now (HR Career Jam 2.0 Final) if that's helpful. Thanks!

I'm having issues saving the file online, so I've attached it as a .scribe file here...

You had a number of elements in there which had 0 animation time and were set to move-in. 

VideoScribe cannot render this to Video so if you want things to appear instantly you need to use the draw function. I've amended these for you and attached so that should sort things for you. Let me know if you can still see any problems.

Attached now.

Thanks, Barry. I'll be sure to make note of that for the future. Really appreciate the help!

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