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Warning: Sparkol bills existing customers at higher rate

If you have a yearly subscription, Sparkol will bill you at US$199 when it renews. But if you are a new user, you can buy the yearly subscription for US$149. Sparkol mentions this in a pre-renewal email about a week before renewal. Existing customers must manually change their renewal rate to the lower price.

Dave is absolutely right and we wish we could do something more about it.

We dropped our prices in October for the yearly subscription (on a trial basis) and we wanted to make sure our existing customers renewing during this trial got the same benefits. We spent some considerable time looking at this. Unfortunately though we have grown quite a lot over recent years and with any new growth comes changes so we have several payment systems and customers spread across them. There was no automatic way to reset existing subscription prices across all of them. Therefore our only real option was to inform all our existing customers of the price drop before their renewal is due so they can cancel and take out a new subscription at the lower price. You will not lose any work as you can take out the new subscription on the same account the day your old one expires so keep the same log-in details etc.

We are sorry that it's a bit of extra admin for you but we would rather be honest and upfront (hence the warning email) than hide price drops for loyal VideoScribers!

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