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PNG alignment and scale problem

I am trying to align two svg files - one that is inked and one that includes color.  There is a small scale difference between them because the color on the "painted" version (svg #2) goes outside the lines (intentionally- for artistic reasons).  Otherwise the line art ink is exactly the same.  I am finding that VideoScribe scales incoming svg's to the screen display - rather than simply loading them at their "absolute scale."  What method can I use to get these two images registered together at their "absolute scale?"  

1) make your AI or inkscape vector image with ink and color
2) Here's the trick: add a white ellipse that completely surrounds/encloses the inks and the colors. make it a white fill with no stroke, change the opacity to 0%. If done properly, the ellipse will cause videoscribe to think the two images are the same size.
3) save your AI or inkscape file with everything described above
4) Save again with a new file name as an SVG  for your "color" image.
5) delete the color layer(s) and save with a new file name as your "inks"
6) import the "inks" SVG. click "set camera". don't click anything else or change any settings or options.
7) import the "color" SVG. click "set camera".  If you did it properly, they should be perfectly aligned.

if you need to move or scale them, be sure to select both and adjust them together.

-Mike (videoscribe)


Thanks for the quick response Mike!  This approach definitely solves the problem, and happy to say that I am moving forward again.


David S.

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