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cant open folder

I just came to know that my trial scribe has ended before I even saved it online or change it into video. So, how can I open my scribe without subscribing.This scribe is very important because I need to send it to my lecturer as assignment.

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Hi Wan, I have converted your post to a ticket so our support team can look into this for you.

Hi, I can`t open my video saved online. My suscription is active and the video appears in the online folder of the program. However, when I click to open I get a withe file

I think it automatically saves a local copy too (when you save online). try opening the local one if the online one is corrupt.

It's probably a good idea to save both locally online just as a precaution.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


No, local copy is a previus version. If I cant recovery online versión I will lost more than 10 hours of worK!!!

Mike is correct when you save a file online the local copy is also automatically updated just to back things up if there is a loss in connection and an online scribe becomes corrupted. Also if there is a save issue you will get a message when you next log-in asking if you want to recover the work you were last using and this will take you back to the last auto-save which will be every 3 minutes unless you have changed that setting. 

Also, please note that if you use more than one computer, you should check the local copies on each computer.

When you save to the cloud, videoscribe only updates the local copy on the ONE computer you are currently using at the time of the save (as well as saving the scribe to the cloud).

Hope that makes sense,
Mike (videoscribe user)

Barry and Mike, thanks for your answers. However I have to said that didn`t help me at all.

I only have this unique file, and it is my first scribe project (apparently the last too).

This is a large file, and for a reason that I don’t understand, the local file in my hard disk is a old version, and the “online” file is the improved one, in which I was working hard for more than 10 hours the last time. I can see the image of the video in the small icon inside the online folder, and that’s why I can identify that this is the most knew version.

But when I try to open the online file, the program open a totally with scribe.

I can`t afford to loose this file and the work inside them. I am asking for a technical support that could help me to recovery the file that I suppose is in your server or something like that.

This is a paid application; sincerely I never expect that could simply loose my work in this way, and formally ask the support team or developers to help me to recover the file. I wish send this info privately, however it was impossible for me to find a mail address.

Well... finally I recover my file. Dont know if you help... but thanks anyway...

Jaime, where was the file in the end? 

On a side note if you need to contact us privately you can raise a support ticket

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