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Hello, I created an account to test the "VideoScribe" organize a presentation

 test, but when I render says I need an account "go pro".

 I wonder if I can make this rendering to test free?

 thank you

 Thiago Fogaça

Free members can render video directly to facebook, youtube or powerpoint.

If you want the ability to render video or the features of the paying version, you could pay for just 1 month and then cancel immediately.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I tried to direct render on youtube but when it ends does not appear the ok button to complete, or even posting direct'm not getting ... is that you can help me?


Hi Thiago,

I've had a look at your scribe and tested publishing it to Youtube and didn't encounter any problems with it (

I would advise closing down and restarting VideoScribe, and then reopening your scribe and try and publish to Youtube straight away.

If you run into the same problem please take a screen shot of where it gets stuck and post it here.

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