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is it possible to set a link at the end of the video right now?


Are you talking about a hyperlink to another website? If so it is possible but not in VideoScribe. You would need to import your finished video into another Video Editing tool with that functionality to do this. 

It is a requested feature however and may be something we do in the future. Lend you support to the request as the more popular it is the higher up the list it goes!

I also would like to set a hyperlink to my website at the end of the movie. That's very important for me. I produce the videos for my marketing and I think most of the users do. So I don't understand that it is not possible.


Yasmin, we have decided not to proceed with this feature as it needs to be done post production and post production tools are not something we are looking to add to the application. We have explained this in more detail in the main thread

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