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Creating and synching folders in the cloud


I have a couple of things that I want to ask about.

1. I love the ability to be able to sort my work into folders, but from what I can see I can only do that locally and not in the cloud. I would love the ability to create folders in the cloud as I work for different clients on different computers and it would be nice to keep their projects in different folders (in the cloud).

2. Do you intend to create a feature where I can synch my folders in the cloud? This is connected to the point above or it can be a different feature, if I work locally, to save time I would love to hit a button and have all my local files synched to the cloud. Optional of course.

Things just feel a little disjointed and inconsistent in this area. Hopefully these can be features in future releases.


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Yes please! That would be amazing. I save most of my work to the cloud for the same reason and it feels like such a mess atm

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