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Morph Your Own Image

I want to morph an image that i have downloaded myself. Its a jpg image. Now when i morph it, I do not see the lines being perfectly carried across the screen. Is there anyway I can morph an image that is not a part of the library?

VideoScribe uses lines to draw the images and when you import a jpg or png image you have a choice of 6 different line patterns to import. 

When you morph an image all those lines show in the moment even if some of them are 'hidden lines' just there to guide the pen during the drawing process so this will always bring in extra lines with jpg and png images.

If you want these images to draw well and morph well then you are better served creating a simple outline SVG using your jpg as a base outline to trace. You can then import that SVG and it will morph with only the lines you want to see. 

Here's a YouTube video showing how to do this

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