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Can I save the film?

Hey, I wonder what happens to the films I have done and also published if I close my account. Perhaps I want to change something or make new movies in a few months, will I be able to log in with the same password and be able to work with this film? I started the 9th of November and the payment was made then, the second one was payed the 9th of December. If I finish now will I pay for these days or 25 euro more or nothing more? 

Thank you very much!

Any videos you publish with an active subscription will be usable after your subscription expires. You will not be able to log-into VideoScribe to edit or re-publish files but you can still view the video files already published. 

If you want to edit anything you can just sign up for a new subscription against the same account and anything you have saved to the online cloud folder will still be there for you. 

If you cancel your subscription today you will not be charged anything more but will still have access to VideoScribe until the 9th January when your current paid period expires


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